Benchmark Window and
Specialty Cleaning

Benchmark Window and Specialty Cleaning

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Raising the Bar for the Cleaning Industry

Maintaining a clean home or office goes beyond the regular floor sweeping and furniture dusting tasks. Windows and upholstery need attention, too. So when you need specialty cleaning services, turn to us at Benchmark Window and Specialty Cleaning.

We have been in business for almost 35 years, serving Indianapolis, Indiana and the surrounding areas. We tackle the tough jobs that many janitorial companies do not offer. You can count on our experienced and well-equipped team to periodically supplement your regular cleaning service.

Our Objective

Professional and caring, we will always put you first. Our objective is to provide you with quick, efficient, and high-quality services that will have you calling us back again for your cleaning needs.

Client Feedback

In September of this year Al Talison d/b/a Benchmark Window & Specialty Cleaning cleaned all the windows at the Windridge Office Building both inside and out. This is a four story, 25,000 square foot building with glass covering almost the entire exterior so this was no small job and required repelling down the sides of the building many times.

Al Talison did an outstanding job and the tenants and building owners are very pleased with the outcome of this contract. We will certainly call benchmark the next time we do windows or other cleaning at the property.

We give Benchmark an unqualified recommendation for the services they offer.”

- Jay, Windridge Investors, LLC

Al Talison (Benchmark Window and Specialty Cleaning) has been a vendor with Health & Hospital Corp. for several years. They have performed both Window Cleaning and Specialty Cleaning for the corporation.

I highly recommend Benchmark. They are professional and dependable.”

- Rex, Health & Hospital Corporation

Capability Statement

Read our capability statement to know more about what sets us apart from our competitors. For more information, please give us a call.